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Want to work with the best?

We can't wait to help you get started!

Whether you are looking for the next step in your career, or a short-term job, Stellar Personnel can connect you with a great opportunity that's just right for you.




Apply Online

Fill out the online registration form with your details and work experience, or email your resume to

Our Talent Scouts Review Your Application

The Recruitment team will evaluate your application's compatibility with the roles we have available.



Get an Exclusive Invitation to our Orientation

If your application is successful, we will send you an invitation to attend our orientation session. The invitation will include the date, time, and location of the orientation


Attend Our Stellar Orientation

Attend the orientation session to learn more about our company, policies, and procedures. Get to know our team and ask any questions you may have.


Join the Stellar Team

After completing the orientation, you will be added to our roster of talented staff, and you will need to send your uniform for verification. You will then receive offers when your profile matches open shifts with our clients.

Working with Stellar


We provide the most competitive compensation in the industry. With a flat hourly rate and a bi-weekly pay schedule, it's easy to stay on top of life.


Staff can accept or decline shifts based on their availability - no more missed special occasions or having to put in a request for time-off.


Staff are able to work at different environments and accept more shifts at locations that they like.


Staff with strong client reviews will be offered more shifts, increased compensation when possible, higher-level placements, and preference for direct employment opportunities.

  • How do I apply to be part of the Stellar roster?
    Please email your complete resume to:
  • Which positions do you staff?
    We place staff in the following areas: culinary, front-of-house / event, guest services, administrative, warehouse, delivery, and cleaning. For a full list of our positions, please scroll down.
  • Do you provide training?
    Staff should be fully trained and experienced in the role(s) they apply for. Candidates with less than the required amount of experience are welcome to re-apply after gaining more experience in the industry.
  • How much do the jobs pay?
    Stellar Personnel pays hourly, and each position has a range which is based on staff's work experience, the tasks of the specific role, the client's budget, and staff's job history and attendance record from working with us. Each work request will have the hourly rate displayed so staff can see what is offered for each role before they accept the shift.
  • Am I required to work certain days or hours?
    No. Each individual that works with us has an app on their phone that will keep track of their availability. You can choose which days and times to post your availability, and we will send you job requests on days that you have marked yourself free to work. The choice to accept or decline a shift request is always up to the staff member.
  • Do I need a SIN to work with Stellar Personnel?
    Yes. You need a valid SIN to legally work at any workplace in Canada.
  • How quickly can I start working?
    We typically host orientations several times per week, so once you've submitted your resume and attended an orientation session, we have individuals working as quickly as the same week.
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